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Marvel Legends Vintage Collection Mysterio Revealed!

The Spider-Man Animated Series gets more love in the Vintage Collection line!

At Toy Fair earlier this year Hasbro revealed a few figures inspired by the classic 1990’s Spider-Man Animated Series. They revealed a Peter Parker, Mary Jane/ Gwen Stacy, and a Spider-Man figure.

All of these figures are on a fantastic Spider-Man Animated Series inspired art card and it looks fantastic! As I grew up watching the series this really hits the nostalgic sweet spot for me! I really love the artwork and the classic 90’s Marvel logo on the packaging art is awesome!

I know that this figure is a repaint and this one really does pop and it looks a lot better than the original release with the brighter green and the yellow gauntlets and boots. I love the texture work on the cape too.

The effect piece looks great and really recreates the mist effect perfectly. I should mention that this figure is a fan channel exclusive and it’s available internationally and will be released in October.

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