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Marvel Legends Two-Packs Promo Images

These two-packs looks fantastic and each come with some unexpected accessories!

Last night Hasbro revealed some new images of some of their upcoming Marvel Legends MCU Two-Packs and they all look fantastic and all come with some fantastic accessories that really took me by surprise.

Antman & The Wasp X-Con Luis & Ghost Two-Pack

I haven’t seen this film though I knew a two pack of these was on the way and I have to say I’m surprised by how many accessories they come with. I’m especially surprised that they included an unmasked head for Ghost which has a pretty good likeness to the actress who plays her.

Captain America: The First Avenger Captain America & Peggy Carter Two-Pack

I’m not going to lie this is my most highly anticipated two-pack that’s yet to be released. The First Avenger is one of my favorite films in the MCU and I’m really happy that we’re getting a WW2 MCU Captain America and Peggy Carter to go with him! I’m definitely displaying these two on the shelf together.

I’m quite surprised that they’ve given Steve Rogers a second head, though I’m guessing one is suited to wear the helmet better than the other. The likeness to Haley Atwell is pretty good and I’m sure it’ll look even better in hand. I didn’t expect to get the prototype Vibranium shield and I have to say it’s a great inclusion.

I know that this is an Amazon exclusive in the States but I have high hopes that online retailers get there hands on these much like the Magneto family pack that came out recently.

Avengers Infinity War Iron Man Mark 50 & Iron Spider Two-Pack

This one really took me by surprise and blew my anticipation for this two pack into the stratosphere! This is fantastic two-pack with a far more screen accurate Mark 50 Iron Man and Iron Spider. I love the attachments for Iron Man and and I’m really happy that the Iron Spider has the spider legs and a Tom Holland head which was sorely missing from the retail release.

A definite must have for me, I cannot wait for it to be released later this year.

Thor Ragnarok Skurge & Hela Two-Pack

I’m a big fan of Thor Ragnarok so I really wanted to get all the characters that Hasbro put out in their Marvel Legends line and I was a bit disappointed that Skurge wasn’t in the line. You can imagine my surprise and amazement when Hasbro showed off this two-pack at Toy Fair this year.

The Skurge looks absolutely fantastic and the likeness to Karl Urban is fantastic! I am so happy that this packaging confirms that he comes with Dez and Troy they were essential as well as his awesome executioner axe!

The Hela is a big update and she looks even better than the BAF Gladiator Hulk one and that one was fantastic! I love all the head sculpts especially the messy hair one it looks exactly like Cate Blanchett. It’s great that she now includes an effect piece as well as a interchangeable hand holding Mjolnir before she smashes it to smithereens!

Most of the release dates haven’t been announced yet, though you can expect that these will be released in the fall/winter of this year.

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