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Marvel Legends Spiderman Retro Collection Kingpin Revealed!

Another Marvel Legends Spiderman Retro Collection Figure Revealed!

Just last night Hasbro revealed a new figure that would be in the Spiderman Retro Collection which will be released later this year. The figures that we know that are included in the wave so far as Spiderman, Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane, Mysterio, and now we can add Kingpin to that lineup too!

This Kingpin is a re-release of the one from the BAF from a Spiderman wave from a few years ago which was very hard to get hold of all the figures ( I know I certainly did)

Though this isn’t just a straight repack as the figure has a different paint scheme on his shirt and vest and he comes packaged with an interchangeable battle damaged head. He also includes the same cane accessory too. So this is somewhat similar to the release of the Venom earlier this year.

One thing that I really love about this figure is the beautiful Retro Spiderman 1990 TV-inspired art card. This figure is expected to be released later this summer and I’ll definitely be getting it and the other figures in the wave when they’ll become available.

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