Marvel Legends Spider-Man The Animated Series Symbiote Spider-Man


As you may know, Hasbro has another Marvel Legends Panel this coming Monday, and yesterday they dropped a teaser of one of them reveals that they’ll be making during the live stream, And it will be Symbiote Spider-Man. What’s also great is that it will be released on that Spider-Man Animated Series Card which I really love and it will also be using the Vintage Spider-Man body too!

I really do love the Symbiote suit so I’ll definitely be getting this figure and the design looks great on this body and I really love the eye design on this figure. I don’t have any Symbiote Spider-Man Marvel Legends figures in the 6″ scale but I do have the awesome 12″ one that was released a few years ago in the much loved but short-lived 12″ line. That is one terrific figure if you can get it!

I’ll definitely be getting two of these one to keep on the card and one to take out of the packaging as this is one incredible-looking figure! We’ll know more about this figure next week and it will be released in the Spring of next year. Here’s the official pics from Hasbro:

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