Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Collection J. Jonah Jameson Revealed!

Yesterday Hasbro revealed a brand new figure in their Marvel Legends Spider-Man Retro Collection line and it’s no other than Peter Parker’s boss at the Daily Bugle J.Jonah Jameson!

Like all the Spider-Man Retro Collection figures J. Jonah Jameson is on the Spider-Man Animated Series card and it looks awesome! The figure itself is absolutely incredible and it’s a perfect replication of Jameson from the animated series and his accessories are so awesome!

The headsculpt is amazing and really captures his anger perfectly and the hair and mustache are spot on!

He comes with a newspaper with images of the retro Spider-Man and Electro on it. He also comes with a rolled-up newspaper and a set of interchangeable hands including a gripping hand for the rolled-up newspaper and a pointed figure hand which is just perfect!

I definitely need to get this figure as I’ma big fan of the animated series and I never would have thought we would get a J.Jonah Jameson figure and I am very excited to see what other characters that they release in this line!

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