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Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home

Earlier today Hasbro has just revealed some of the figures from the Spider-Man No Way Home film which will be released in December. It’s highly suspected that the trailer for the film will be released to coincide with the trailer they have revealed some of the figures from the upcoming film.

I have to say I am very excited about the JJJ and Doctor Strange figures. I missed out on a three-pack that had the Doctor Strange figure with Benedict Cumberbatch’s likeness so I am very very pleased that they are releasing it again with some slight differences. Also, the likeness to J.K Simmons is absolutely fantastic. I know that they are part of the film and I am not too surprised that we haven’t seen all the figures in the wave as that would be a spoiler as there have been some rumors of certain characters from previous Spider-Man films in this one.

The new Spider-Man figures look great and I really like the designs of the costumes as well. These figures aren’t up for pre-order yet and I am sure it will be when the other figures from the wave are revealed.

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