Marvel Legends Spider-Man No Way Home Wave revealed.

Just yesterday during Hasbro’s Marvel Legends streaming event they revealed the full lineup of Spider-Man No Way Home Collectibles which includes the Marvel Legends Wave as well as a collectible helmet. This wave was just revealed just after the trailer for No Way Home was released and it was a fantastic trailer that showed some great surprises in store (and of course didn’t reveal anything too big) and this wave is pretty much spoiler-free.

They first showed off a few figures from this wave a few months ago which were two different iterations of the Spider Suits which are the Integrated Suit and the Black and Gold Suit, J. Jonah Jameson and Doctor Strange. The other figures in the wave are Miles Morales Spider-Man from the Spider-Man Miles Morales video game, Shriek, and Morlun. I am not all too familiar with the last two characters. Also, it should be noted that the BAF is a comic-based one and he’s called Armadillo and I have never heard of him before but I won’t deny that his figure looks fantastic.

I’ve been wanting a new Marvel Legends MCU Doctor Strange as I missed out on the three-pack one so I have been eagerly anticipating this one! The head sculpt looks fantastic and exactly how he appears in the film and I love the new magic effect pieces which are attached to a pair of hands. I do wonder what the Multiverse of Madness wave Doctor Strange will be like.

Also as I had stated before the likeness to J.K Simmons is incredible. I also do wonder if we’ll see a Spider-Man wave based on the Sam Raimi films as the first one is twenty years old next year! I know fans like myself have been waiting for a Miles Morales Spider-Man from the recent game and I do wonder if we’ll get him in the suit with the cat in the backpack, that would be awesome!

I should note that they also revealed a Captain Britain-themed three-pack, a Shield Agent two-pack, a Skrull Soldier, and a Walmart exclusive Far From Home Spider-Man with an interchangeable unmasked Tom Holland head. Though these aren’t up for pre-order but will be at an unspecified time in the near future. Then finally we have the helmet which is the Iron Spider Mask. Like all Hasbro’s collectible helmets/masks it looks terrific but way out of my price range.

I should also note that these figures will be going up for pre-order today globally. Here are the official images released from Hasbro:

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