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Marvel Legends Spider-Man Far From Home Wave!

Avengers have just landed and Spider-Man is on the way!

It was only a month or so ago that the Avengers Endgame hit retail and now X-men can be found stateside. Now the Spider-Man Far From Home wave is up for pre-order!

Also the whole entire wave has been unveiled and in this wave we’ll be getting:

  • Far From Home Spider-Man
  • Far From Home Mysterio
  • Far From Home Stealth Suit Spider-Man
  • Hydro-Man
  • Scorpion
  • Doppelganger Spider-Man
  • Spider-Woman

The BAF in this wave is Molten Man and I have to say he doesn’t look all that impressive honestly. It’s nice that the MCU figures come with accessories but sadly we don’t get any web effects with either Spider-Man unfortunately nor an unmasked Quintin Beck head who’s played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Though I’m sure we’ll see that in a two pack or something.

I have to say I really do love the look of the Far From Home Suit, Mysterio, Stealth Suit Spider-Man, Hydro-Man Scorpion and Spider-Woman. I have a lot of gaps in my Marvel Legends Spider-Man collection and these will fill some of those spaces nicely.

Expect this wave of figures to be released in May or June before the film’s release in July.

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