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Marvel Legends Rides Punisher Images

The next Marvel Legends Ride release is getting closer to release!

At Toy Fair earlier this year Hasbro revealed the next release in the Marvel Legends Rides series which was the Punisher! When I first saw pictures of this figure and bike at Toy Fair I know I had to have it and now Hasbro has revealed more images of the upcoming set as we get closer to the release!

This iteration of the Punisher is based on his most recent appearance in the comics, Viking bike helmet and all! One detail that I really do love is the license plate which references the 616 Universe which is the normal Marvel Universe in the comics!

As you can see Punisher is armed to the teeth with two sub-machine guns, a sawn-off shotgun, a baseball bat, and a machete. I don’t think we’ve seen a Marvel Legends figure with a machete before.

This design of the Punisher is a bit more dressed down than the other Punisher figures that they have released recently and I love the logo design on the shirt. I really love that he comes with an interchangeable head too and I have to say I really favor the head with the bandages and stitches as it really stands out!

This figure isn’t up for pre-order yet, though I expect with these images now being released it can’t be too far off and I expect this will be released in the fall of this year. An absolute must-have if you’re a Punisher fan!

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