Marvel Legends Retro Uncanny X-Men Apocalypse Revealed

It’s June 20th which means another Marvel Legends reveal and this is the Uncanny X-Men Apocalypse. Like all Retro figures, he comes on a bubble card back and the artwork is fantastic. Apocalypse is in his animated series colors which are perfect for me as I am collecting X-Men Marvel Legends figures in their animated series outfits (or close to) I don’t have an Apocalypse in my collection yet so I’ll definitely be getting this one!

As you can see he comes with some really cool accessories. You get a stoic looking head and an angry headsculpt both of those look great. I really like the inclusion of interchangeable hands as well which really adds options on how you want to display the figure. I really like the laser cannon that he comes with and the blast effect too. This is a Hasbro Pulse and Fan Channel exclusive and will be up for pre-order tomorrow and I’ll definitely be getting this one!

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