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Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man Black Cat Figure Revealed!

Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man line continues to grow!

Just last night Hasbro revealed the next figure in their Marvel Legends Retro Spider-Man line which is heavily inspired by the now-iconic 1990’s animated series. The next figure in the line in Black Cat.

As I’ve been gradually rewatching the animated series I’ve been reminded of the character designs and how Hasbro gets so close to those looks with these Retro-inspired figures! I have to say the real selling point of this figure for me is the new head as it looks like the incarnation of Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat in the animated series it’s so on point!

The only Black Cat figure that I have is that one that they released in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 wave which came out years ago and I can see Hasbro has reused some of the sculpt for this figure as well as one of her accessories. What I really like about this design is that they’ve given her flat heels so that she can stand up without any issue, unlike the previous figure that I’ve mentioned.

The figure comes with a cat and her whip and like all the retro Spider-Man figure release the art card looks great! I’m definitely in for getting this Black Cat as it’s a great looking figure and an essential character for the Retro Spider-Man line!

She’s expected to be released early next year!

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