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Marvel Legends Retro Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider Revealed!

Just yesterday Hasbro showed off their Marvel Legends Retro Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider figure which comes on a replica card based on the toy line from the 1990s. I had thought that Hasbro would do some retro Ghost Rider-themed figures much like they do for Spider-Man, X-Men, and The Fantastic Four. I know they have a Ghost Rider-themed Haslab project coming soon and hopefully, the retro card Ghost Rider line continues with other Ghost Riders and some of his villains.

This Johnny Blaze figure is mostly re-use of the two previously released Johnny Blaze figures. Though this one is a bit different as he comes in his more classic colors with black and grey and a chain around his chest. He also comes with a flame chain which has come with previous releases. He does come with some new accessories such as the bone hands with flame effects attached to them and some other flame effects and the best accessory of all an interchangeable Johnny Blaze transforming into the Spirit of Vengence which looks incredible. I love the red eyes and the facial expression and the hair turning into flames which looks awesome!

I knew when I first saw the head I knew it was designed by Paul Harding as his Marvel Legends heads are the absolute best. I’ll definitely be getting this figure and I don’t know if I would display him on the bike or just on display.

This figure will be up for pre-order this Tuesday and is scheduled to be released sometime later this year or next year.

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