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Marvel Legends Pre-Orders.

Today Hasbro revealed that Clint Barton and Kate Bishop from the Hawkeye Disney+ Series which have been revealed to be part of the next Disney+ themed wave are up for pre-order now even though the other figures haven’t been revealed yet. Though we know that the build-a-figure is What If? Vision/Ultron.

The only pictures that we have seen of these characters are the renders that Hasbro revealed a few months ago, but we are expecting to see what the actual figures look like soon. These are updated images as Clint now has injuries on his face. Also we should see what the other figures that will be in the wave soon. I reckon we’ll see the MCU version of Moon Knight in this wave as the Moon Knight series will start at the end of this month. I cannot wait to see what the other figures will be as aside Moon Knight I don’t know who else will be in it.

These figures and the other figures in the wave will be released sometime this summer.

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