Marvel Legends Patch & Joe Fixit Two-Pack

Last week, Hasbro fully revealed their final Wolverine 50th Anniversary two-pack. Which is Patch and Joe Fixit. I have not read the comics that these iterations of Wolverine & The Hulk are from, though I do know how iconic they are in Marvel comic history.

These figures were initially announced during their Wolverine 50th anniversary livestream late last year. I have to say both figures look fantastic with pinless bodies and brand-new heads (for Patch) on them. I know that just several months ago Hasbro released a different Joe Fixit Deluxe figure, a re-use of The Avengers Video Game BAF.

The headsculpts on both figures look amazing as well, and the facial expressions on each head are different. Joe comes with a calm head and an angry head, whereas Patch comes with a scowling face head and a smirking face head. They each come with a pair of interchangeable hands too with Patch getting a pair of fists and some clawed hands and Joe gets a pair of open hands and a pair of fists.

I like the bulky stocky look of the Patch figure. Both of these figures look very close to their comic book counterparts so this is great for new collectors or those who want updated versions of the characters on their shelves. Much like the other two-packs these figures are scheduled to be released in April of this year.

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