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Marvel Legends Old Man Logan & Hawkeye Two-Pack

Old Man Logan Gets a Celebratory Two-Pack!

At Toy Fair last month Hasbro revealed an Old Man Logan and a Hawkeye figure from the Old Man Logan comic series. Now it’s rumored that they’ll be a two-pack.

I’m a big fan of the Old Man Logan comic book and I have bought the Old Man Logan Marvel Legend figure when it came out and last year I purchased the Mezco One:12 Old Man Logan figure so you know I’m a big fan!

I have talked about these figures a little in the past when they revealed but not in such great detail. I have to say I really love the look of the figures.

It’s great that we are getting the classic Old Man Logan look with the long duster coat and hat and it’s great he comes with the baby hulk accessory which is an essential accessory for Old Man Logan.

The Old Man Hawkeye looks equally impressive and this is the first Marvel Legends figure to have pinless elbows. The sculpt looks fantastic too. There’s been no confirmation of where this two-pack will be available yet, but I’m sure it’ll be revealed in time and hopefully, it’ll be available internationally.

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