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Marvel Legends NYCC Reveals & X-Force Deadpool


At NYCC tonight Hasbro revealed a brand new European Convention Exclusive which is X-Force Deadpool. Like the Uncanny X-Men Wave and the EU Exclusive Grey Hulk, Deadpool comes on a awesome 80th Anniversary card with some fantastic artwork.

As you can see this is the same figure we got in the Sasquatch BAF wave last year, but this time he has a slightly different paint deco and he comes with some new accessories which is a really nice touch as that original figure didn’t come with all that many accessories. Like the Grey Hulk this will be available to order from Hasbro Pulse later this year.

More excitingly Hasbro had some new figures to show off at NYCC and one of them has really surprised me! There’s going to be an Fantastic Four wave and I am so stoked for this! The big reason being I’ve tried hunting down the Fantastic Four team members at Walgreens and I only found Richard, Sue and Johnny and I could never find Ben Grimm and he’s incredibly hard to get hold of here in the UK so I am so stoked for these!

I really love the new uniforms and the head sculpts and the accessories that we can see are excellent! I’ll definitely be getting these that’s for sure and put me down for two Things so I can display one with each team!

The Doctor Doom looks ace and I didn’t realize that he comes with an interchangeable head with a different mask so I may have to get a second one! It’s unclear what wave She-Hulk will be in but I have a feeling she’ll be in the Fantastic Four wave.

They also revealed three figures from an upcoming X-Men/Deadpool with Deadpool in an X-Men uniform, Warpath, and Sunspot who are essential characters in the X-Men roster.

Finally, they officially revealed a Stan Lee Marvel Legends figure which is just so awesome! I know that sometime last year Hasbro intended Stan Lee to be a BAF if you got a number of two packs then that plan was scrapped.

This figure looks absolutely perfect, the likeness to Stan the man himself is perfect and the facial expression is fantastic. I love the inclusion of Cap’s shield with his signature across it and what looks to be a comic book carry case.

Now Stan Lee will be a Target exclusive Marvel Legends figure and is scheduled to be released in June and you can be sure I’ll be getting this True Believer’s!

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