Marvel Legends Moon Knight

Hasbro has just revealed an image of the upcoming Marvel Legends MCU Moon Knight figure. On the 30th of March, the first episode of the series was released and I was really impressed I want to see more. As I’m a big fan of Moon Knight so I am looking forward to more.

I really love the look of the figure and I love all the details of him, especially the gold parts of his costume on his chest logo and belt. They make the figure really stand out! The head sculpt looks fantastic and I really dig the hieroglyphics on his leg and the moon logo on his hood. It looks like this figure will have a few textures sculpted into it what with the wrappings and cloth tunic and cloak. I am amazed by how good this figure looks as we haven’t seen much of this Moon Knight costume in the series yet. Accessory wise he comes with a pair of interchangeable hands and a moon crescent blade which has a nice intricate pattern engraved on it.

I know that the Mr. Knight costume appears in the series as Disney has released some posters of Marc in that costume so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a Mr. Knight figure in the same wave or an upcoming one The figure goes up for pre-order on April 12 and will be released later this year with a release date expected this summer.

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