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Marvel Legends MCU Ms.Marvel is up for pre-order now!

Just yesterday Hasbro put up the second from last figure to be revealed in the next Marvel Disney+ wave which is Ms. Marvel from the recently released Disney+ Ms. Marvel series which has been very well received on its first episode. I have not shown much interest in it but I may check it out as I heard it’s very good. The figure itself does look fantastic and very much looks like her onscreen counterpart. The costume looks fantastic and I love the trainers and the texture work throughout the costume.

Also, the likeness to Iman Vellani is very good. The only slight I can find with this figure is that she doesn’t come with any power effect pieces. I know that they changed her power in the show and we have seen her powers in the trailer but alas no effect pieces. She does come with interchangeable hands and a BAF piece which is standard for a lot of Marvel Legends lately.

We haven’t seen the last figure yet but it’s most likely to be She-Hulk. The whole wave is up for pre-order and will be released later this year.

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