Marvel Legends May 21st Reveals

Yesterday Hasbro had two new reveals for their Marvel Legends line. There wasn’t as much as last week and with one more Friday to go in May we can expect some more reveals in July and if these are anything to go by July certainly will be a very exciting month. The two reveals are a redo of an older figure and two completely new ones.

Firstly we are getting an updated Avengers Infinity War Captain America. This one has a much more accurate face. This one looks far better than the original release with a much better likeness to Chris Evans. The accessories are much the same as the original release. Also, it should be mentioned that this is a Walmart exclusive in the States. As of yet, I am not sure how this figure is available outside of the USA as it hasn’t popped up on any of the sites I shop from.

The other reveal is even more exciting and it’s an Obadiah Stane and Iron Monger two-pack and it looks awesome! The likeness to Jeff Bridges on the Stane figure is excellent and the Iron Monger looks absolutely fantastic! The Iron Monger looks absolutely huge and intimidating that’s for sure! He’s about the size of three or four Marvel Legends put together! The detailing in Iron Monger’s armor looks incredible as well. You get a briefcase and the arc reactor for Obadiah and for Iron Monger you get a pair of interchangeable hands, a blast effect for his wrist-mounted chain gun as well as an ammo effect piece for it and a smoke effect, and finally a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.

The Iron Monger is quite a hefty figure so this two-pack is a bit more expensive than most of the two packs that they have released lately. This is a must-have especially if you’re going to get the Infinity Saga Mark III Iron Man figure like I am. I should mention that these figures will be released in September and I do wonder what Marvel Madness Hasbro will unleash upon us next week!

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