Marvel Legends Marvel Knights Wave & Spider-Man The Animated Series Peter Parker & Smythe Two-Pack

During SDCC last week Hasbro revealed plenty of products across some of their biggest lines and Marvel Legends was no exception. Just after the event one of the Marvel Legends and the Spider-Man The Animated Series two-pack went up for pre-order.

I know Hasbro has been releasing a lot of Marvel Legends to tie in with Spider-Man The Animated Series. So the Peter Parker & Smythe two-pack is a very welcome addition to the line-up. I certainly would love to collect these, but Marvel Legends have so many great releases it’s hard to catch up with everything. It’s certainly a subline for me though as I grew up watching that cartoon and it was one of my first exposures to comic book superheroes and this two-pack looks fantastic! I should note that this is a Hasbro Pulse/Disney Store exclusive.

When they revealed the Marvel Knights wave during SDCC I got incredibly excited about the line-up of figures in the wave and they all look marvelous! I especially love the look of Blade as I’ve been hoping for a more classic-looking Blade since I started collecting Marvel Legends and oddly coincidentally he comes in another Marvel Knights-themed wave. The head sculpt looks perfect and the selection of weapons is fantastic Blade should always come with a lot of weapons.

The Power-Man looks very impressive and was initially revealed a few months ago. It’s a great-looking classic Luke Cage with a yellow open shirt, metal bands around his wrists, and a head with a metal chain around his waist to complete the look. Hopefully, a classic Iron Fist isn’t far behind.

The Daredevil, Fist Ninja & Lady Bullseye are from the recent Daredevil comics and go with that Elektra Daredevil which was released in that recent retro carded wave. I really love the unique look of these four characters and they all go together so well and have a great ninja aesthetic to them. I’m definitely getting these three figures and I need to get my hands on that Elektra Daredevil that came out recently. On that note, I would love to see those Daredevil & Elektra figures from that three-pack last year get a re-release as I missed out on those.

Clea has been a long time coming and she looks fantastic and will look perfect displayed next to the deluxe comic book Doctor Strange that came out last year. The paint job looks very clean and I really dig the head sculpt. I’m not that familiar with the Midnight Suns Iron Man as I have not played that game but I’m guessing this is his main armor for the game.

I don’t know that much about the Mindless One(s) aside from the fact they are an enemy of Doctor Strange and it’s always nice to the villain roster expand. This wave won’t be released in Target or Walmart in the States but a fan channel exclusive there. I’m not sure why and it’s also the first wave with the window packaging.

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