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Marvel Legends Luke Cage Power Man Revealed!

Just yesterday Hasbro revealed a Classic Luke Cage/Power Man Marvel Legends figure and he looks incredible! I know that this is his classic look from the Heroes For Hire run where he teamed up with Iron Fist to create the first iteration of the team.

This look for Luke Cafe is considered his most iconic look and they’ve done a fantastic job on him. I know Paul Harding who works for Marvel Legends really wanted to work on this figure head sculpt but sadly he couldn’t do so, the head he designed for Luke Cage in the ’70s would have looked fantastic on this body, but sadly they couldn’t pack it in as an interchangeable hand.

This figure isn’t up for pre-order yet, but I guess he will soon it’s been rumored that he’ll be part of a Marvel Knights wave and hopefully it won’t be long to see a classic Iron Fist as well.

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