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Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals

Hasbro held their latest Fan First Friday/Tuesday Marvel Legends stream today. And they had revealed a lot of new products and have teased a few very exciting figures and waves. Firstly they showed off the new Venom wave featuring Movie Venom and a Venompool BAF, a Walgreens Silver Centurion, and a new unlock for the Haslab Sentinel.

I have to say I’m really impressed with all the reveals that they revealed today. A venom wave has been rumored for some time and the reveal of the venomized Captain America which they revealed a few months ago which was a sign the next wave is coming. I am really impressed with the figures and the BAF for this wave too. I really love the look of Carnage as it’s a classic-looking figure and I missed out on the original and the newer one looks much better. Though the only thing missing is a Cletus Cassidy head which the previous figure came with.

I’m really surprised that we’re getting a Venom movie Venom in this wave and I have to say it looks excellent. I admit I rather enjoyed the film and I loved the design of Venom in the film so I’ll be definitely picking this one up.

I really love the designs of Ghost-Spider and the Morbius so I’ll definitely be getting all the figures in this wave to complete the Venom Pool figure which looks absolutely brilliant and looks like he’ll tower over the over figures in the wave very easily.

Next up Hasbro revealed that there’s another stretch goal for their Sentinel Haslab project. This is a brand new head with three interchangeable faceplates which is a great goal as the project has reached over 16,000 backers.

For the last reveal Hasbro revealed that they’ll be releasing a figure of the Silver Centurion which will be a Walgreens exclusive and I have to say this figure looks absolutely awesome! I’m not too familiar with this armor, but I love how the colors pop and I would love to have this one on display as the Iron Man armors they have been releasing in the Marvel Legends line have been fantastic lately.

Then Hasbro dropped teasers of what figures will be coming in the future to the Marvel Legends line and I have to say I really don’t have a clue about any of these quite honestly as I have only really been into the Marvel Legends line the last few years.

Though one thing I do recognize is a burnt Thanos arm which is obviously for a new Thanos figure which obviously points to an Avengers Endgame wave which is very exciting for me as there’s a lot of characters that they could include in this wave and I have a pretty long wish list and I cannot wait to see the lineup when they finally reveal it sometime later this year!

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what they revealed:

Marvel Legends Venom Wave:

  • Movie Venom 2 per-case
  • Carnage (Absolute Alt Head)
  • Phage (Alt Blade Arm)
  • Morbius (90’s Style Feel)
  • Ghost Spider
  • Miles Morales
  • Venom Pool BAF

Walgreens Exclusive:

  • Iron Man Silver Centurion (new body design and shoulder tech)

HasLab Sentinel:

New Tier Unlocked at 16,000 backers

New Tri-Head One head with 3 removable plates to change the look of the figure.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Blaster Face

Haslab Sentinel coming to a close. August 24th 11:59 PM est

Teaser Info For Future Figures:

  • Character in Toy Biz But never Hasbro 6″
  • A character from Hasbro Side 6″ update In-Line pre-2014.
  • A character that was in 3 3/4 but never been in 6″ line.
  • A character that has never had an action figure
  • A quick tease of what looks like a burnt Thanos arm with the gauntlet.

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