Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals and Announcements.

Today Hasbro has released more information on some of their products which they have revealed earlier this year and they revealed some brand new figures too! As you know I have featured some of these figures in a previous article but now Hasbro has sent along with some pretty promo images!

To start off with the two SDCC Exclusives this year would have been the Logan Movie Two-Pack with Logan and Charles Xavier and the other SDCC Exclusive would have been the Hellfire Club set.

As SDCC is not on this year these will be available from Hasbro Pulse. Both of these sets are fantastic. I think the likenesses to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are fantastic and in my opinion a little bit better than the ones that went up for pre-order earlier this week based on the original X-Men films.

I know a lot of X-Men fans have been anticipating the Hellfire Club to appear in the Marvel Legends line for some time and I think this set looks absolutely incredible. In this set, you’ll be getting Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Donald Pierce, and Jean Grey and they come with a number of accessories and interchangeable pieces. I know this will be a highly sought after set as this set features Emma Frost in her traditional white queen outfit which is the most iconic look for the character.

A set rumored for some time has been the three-pack that Nimrod will come in and in the set, it was rumored we’ll be getting Fantomex and Psylocke which turned out to be true.

The Fantomex figure looks brand new and I love the inclusion of the effect pieces that have been coming with the Black Widow figures. The Psylocke figure looks to have a different paint deco on the head and comes in a different costume but comes with the same accessories that came with the original release a few years ago. I’m not too familiar with Nimrod but he comes with some effect pieces too. I should mention that this set is an Amazon Exclusive.

We have known for some time that we would be getting a first appearance Storm in the Marvel Legends line for some time but didn’t know how we would be getting her and now we know that she’ll be coming in a two-pack with Thunderbird. The real highlight of this set is Storm as she comes with an interchangeable head and cape along with some effects hands which is a great touch! This set is a Target exclusive in the States.

The new promo pictures that Hasbro has let out make the figures that I wrote about earlier make the figures look absolutely stellar! They really sell me on getting these five figures and I love how these images allow us to see the figures in great detail. I really do love the look of all of them and cannot wait to get them in my hands!

At the moment it’s unclear if the SDCC Exclusive figures will be available internationally down the line as they are available only on Hasbro Pulse at the moment much like the Star Wars ones I wrote about yesterday. Hopefully, it’ll be clear soon!

Keep checking up on this site as they’ll be plenty of reveals later this week!

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