Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals.

Yesterday Hasbro revealed a number of new Marvel Legends figures from the mainline itself and other subcategories. For the Marvel Legends wave-based line they announced that Sharon Carter from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series would be the following figure in the upcoming Disney+ wave which has Vision Ultron as the BAF.

Then there’s the retro-carded War Machine figure who looks to be the first figure in a new Iron Man Retro line. As you can see the appearance of the figure is more in line with how he appeared in the Iron Man animated series from the 90s and how they figure that was released at the time looked as welL. This figure seems to have a light blue greyish look to the silver parts and the reactor on his chest looks bluer. I am a big fan of the deluxe War Machine and this is mostly the same figure minus a few accessories but comes on a sweet-looking card which is very tempting to keep on display in packaging.

One figure that they have been teasing for a while is the Japanese TV Series Spider-Man which has now been fully revealed! This is another figure that will be in one of those windowless boxes that they showed off during their last live stream. I don’t know much about the Japanese TV Spider-Man series but I know it’s a cult classic series now. You can see his costume looks a little different, especially around the eyes and you can he also comes with a controller on his wrist for his mech. He does come with some webbing accessories which is nice and you can most likely use these with other Spider-Man Marvel Legends figures.

Back on the Retro figure from there is Bombastic Bag Man which is Spider-Man in a Fantastic Four Costume with a bag over his head to hide his identity. This is the first time he has come in the Marvel Legends line. He comes with interchangeable hands and a kick me sign. Next up is Fire Lord who is the next figure in the Fantastic Four line. I don’t know much about him aside he is one of Galactus’s Heralds. I really like the classic look to him.

Hasbro also revealed another Retro figure which is their new 3.75″ inch line, this one is a Jumbo figure which is their first in the line and it’s a Sentinel! I really love the look of this even though I don’t collect the Retro line at all. He’ll certainly stand taller than the other figures in the line and is very well-detailed.

Then finally there is the Marvel Legends Mojoland Pack which contains a figure of Mojo, Dazzler, Longshot, and a mini Wolverine slug figure. I really love the look of this and the three Marvel Legends figures look great! I love the late 80’s early 90’s aesthetics to them. I love Dazzler’s head sculpt it’s so ’80s and Longshot looks terrific. I would love to get this set for the two alone if I could afford it. We haven’t had a Mojo figure since the Toybiz days and this one is a big update. I’d be very curious to know how the articulation would work with him.

Most of these figures are widely available at all retailers aside from the Mojoland set which is a Hasbro Pulse exclusive but here in the UK it will also be available at Indemand Toys, and Bag Man which is a Target exclusive in the USA.

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