Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Reveals

On Friday Hasbro revealed some more figures in their Marvel Legends Infinity Saga line. The reveals were Happy Hogan and the MarkXXI armor from Iron Man 3, The Mark III Iron Man armor from the original Iron Man and Rescue, and Captain Marvel from Avengers Endgame.

I have to say I was very surprised with the reveals on Friday as I really wasn’t expecting another reveal for a little while and to get three was a big surprise! I’m most excited for the Rescue and Captain Marvel two-pack as I have been waiting for an Avengers Endgame Captain Marvel figure since the film came out and I am very happy with the figure she looks fantastic and I am very impressed with the Rescue figure too. I have the original one and I am a big fan of that figure and this one looks even better as she comes with more interchangeable parts.

I am very happy that Happy Hogan is getting a Marvel Legends figure at long last and the likeness to Jon Favreau is excellent. The two-pack is worth getting for him alone. I don’t have all that many Iron Man figures, my opinion is that the armors look pretty similar to one another but I am very happy with how this Mark III armor looks and that he comes with plenty of accessories. I have to say the feature that I love with this figure and Rescue is the interchangeable heads with the faceplates up which looks fantastic! I’ll definitely be after this Iron Man as well,

I should mention that the Happy Hogan and Mark XXI two-pack will be a Target exclusive and the Rescue and Captain Marvel two-pack is an Amazon Exclusive. The Mark III Iron Man will be a general release.

I should mention that the Amazon exclusives are a bit hard to get here in the UK as Amazon UK does not list the exclusives on their site some weeks or months after they are officially announced and put up for pre-order. I managed to secure a Rescue and Captain Marvel two-pack on InDemand Toys which sometimes lists some of the Amazon Exclusives and I am looking forward to getting this summer, I should note that all these figures should be released this summer.

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