Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Reveals.

During SDCC earlier this year, Hasbro revealed a number of upcoming re-releases/re-dos of older figures. Some of which needed to be updated and go for high prices on the secondary market. The figures are The Winter Soldier Black Widow, The Winter Soldier Captain America, Iron Man Iron Man Mark II Armor, Captain America Civil War War Machine, Captain America Civil War Iron Man Mark 46 Armor, Captain America Civil War Spider-Man, Thor: The Dark World Thor, & Avengers Infinity War Bruce Banner.

As I had skipped on a number of these figures in the past, I’m pretty jazzed with them. The photo-real heads on Black Widow is a huge improvement and I can say the same for Captain America as well, though I do find it odd that he does not come with the interchangeable hands like the original figure did. I really like the look of the Mark II Iron Man and it would fit In very well with my growing Iron Man collection. The Dark World Thor looks very good and I love the interchangeable happy head it’s nice that the Civil War Spider-Man has an interchangeable head, I don’t have an unmasked Tom Holland Spider-Man head so I am quite happy with that. The Civil War Iron Man & War Machine look much like their original figures, though this time Iron Man comes with an unhelmeted Tony Stark head.

The Bruce Banner figure looks great, but it’s one I’m not personally interested in. With some of these figures, I see some steps forward and a few steps back. For example, the Black Widow has photoreal heads and comes with more accessories but still has pistols molded into the holsters. The Spider-Man has no painted web lines nor comes with the other interchangeable head or webwings.

I think this is more for collectors who missed out on the original figures which most are climbing up in price on the secondary market, so less money for scalpers which I’m very happy about. I’ll definitely be pre-ordering the Iron Man Mark II, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, and Thor. These figures are scheduled to be released in November which is looking to be an already packed month as it is.

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