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Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Figures Revealed!

Earlier today Hasbro revealed two new releases for their Marvel Legends Infinity Saga line. The two releases are Odin from Thor and an Iron Man and Thanos two-pack from Avengers Endgame. I have to say I am really impressed with both of these releases, especially as I haven’t got any of these characters.

The Odin does look excellent and the likeness to sir Anthony Hopkins is pretty good, especially on the helmeted head which looks a bit better. I am surprised that it’s taken this long to get an MCU Odin Marvel Legends figure and I am very happy with how this one looks. I really like the array of accessories that he comes with as well.

The Iron Man and Thanos two-pack looks absolutely fantastic and I am really impressed with the Iron Man figure especially with the Tony Stark headsculpts which look exactly like Robert Downey Jr. How they’ve done it with this release is very impressive. Iron Man and Thanos come with plenty of accessories which really makes this a definitive release. The only accessory that I feel is missing is an interchangeable forearm for Thanos on the left arm which has the iron armor infinity gauntlet.

Both of these releases are wide releases and aren’t any store exclusives and are expected to be released this September.

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