Marvel Legends Hawkeye Tracksuit Mafia & Classic Antman.

Just yesterday evening Hasbro dropped reveals and pre-orders for some new figures. Firstly Classic Yondu went up for pre-order yesterday which they announced late last month. Then they revealed two brand new figures of a Tracksuit Mafia army-builder figure from the Hawkeye Disney Plus Series and Classic Ant-Man.

We haven’t had that many MCU army builders so it’s always great when we get a new one. I am very impressed with all the accessories, that he comes with and I can understand other fans’ annoyance at the price as it comes in at a high price of $28.00 in the US. It does look to be a great figure and comes with a lot of interchangeable parts and weapons, probably wait for a sale on that one.

Next up is Classic Ant-Man and I am really impressed with the figure I really love the head sculpted for him. The body mold suits him very well, though I am a little disappointed that he does not come with any extra accessories aside from interchangeable hands, I don’t see why they could not of include an interchangeable unmasked head and a mini version of Ant-Man, they would have been fantastic accessories to include with this figure. Oddly I cannot find this one up for pre-order here in the UK yet.

It should be noted that these are all Target exclusives in the US and are up for pre-order now at Target.

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