Marvel Legends Haslab Giant-Man!

For the last few weeks, Hasbro hinted at their next Haslab project for the last few weeks with pictures on social media of their Avengers-themed Marvel Legends leading up to a picture with a shadow of a giant Marvel character.

Then, at last week’s end, they revealed that Giant-Man is the next Haslab Marvel Legends project. It has been rumored for some time that the next Haslab would be Giant-Man. The figure stands at a colossal 24 inches tall and comes with a whopping 91 points of articulation. Not only that but he comes with two extra interchangeable face plates as well, much like we saw with Galactus and the Sentinel. The hands alone have 29 points of articulation so you can get him in a wide variety of poses and he can even hold Marvel Legends figures himself!

The detailing and the articulation are incredible! I don’t have any Giant-Man figures and I know the older one is still held in high regard and this one is even bigger! I’m really impressed with the price point as well costing $200/£200 which is fantastic. It looks like Hasbro learned its lesson from the Engine of Vengence.

There are two stretch goals which are two extra interchangeable face plates one is a Skrull and the other is a Zombified Giant-Man. The project runs till the 23rd of October and so far it’s doing very well. I would definitely consider getting it if I could afford it.

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