Marvel Legends Hascon 2022 reveals & pre-orders.

Yesterday Hasbro held their Marvel Legends panel yesterday and revealed a ton of figures. Some of them are up for pre-order now and some will be released sometime next year. I was very happy with all the figures they revealed and they revealed a lot of X-Men figures as well as a few others. This is a list of the reveals.

  • Daredevil, Elektra and Bullseye 3-Pack
  • Doctor Doom (Retro Card) Release 3.75
  • Kenner Style Retro Ghost Rider & Bike 3.75
  • Ghost Rider Kickstarter Robbie Reyes, Mephisto & Second Tier Hint
  • Classic Orb
  • Secret Wars Molecule Man
  • Moon Stone
  • First Appearance Star-Lord
  • MCU What If? Armored Gamora
  • Retro Iron Man & Pulse Cannon (Pulse Exclusive)
  • Retro Carded Uncanny X-Men Wolverine
  • Retro Carded Uncanny X-Men Longshot
  • Retro Carded Uncanny X-Men Multiple Man
  • Retro Carded Uncanny X-Men Avalanche
  • Retro Carded Uncanny X-Men Dark Phoenix
  • Retro Carded Uncanny X-Men Spiral
  • Storm
  • Banshee
  • Stryfe
  • VHS X-Men Cyclops (Shop Disney Exclusive)
  • Spider-Man VHS Figures 2023

I have to say I’m very happy with most of the reveals from the panel. I was extremely happy to see some more villains in the line and my favorite being Orb! I don’t know much about the character but I know he’s a Ghost Rider villain and I remember him from the Ghost Rider pinball table. He does look fantastic and I really love his classic look.

I’m not a big fan of the 3.75 figure as I have no nostalgia for it as it was before my time but I can understand its appeal for many collectors. We didn’t get many MCU figures shown off only one, which is What If? Armored Gamora. I can understand them not focusing on the MCU too much during the panel.

The Daredevil 3-pack looks great and I really want it as I don’t have Daredevil and Elektra in my collection. I love the Paul Harding sculpted Daredevil body and the athletic body he’s on which is perfect for Daredevil and that Elektra figure looks great! I really love the alternate head with the big wavy hair it looks fantastic! This is a pulse exclusive and I wonder if they’ll get single releases down the line? I am not too fussed about the Bullseye as I got this figure when it was in the Man-Thing wave and it really holds up still. Also this is a pulse exclusive.

They revealed a lot of retro-inspired figures including a Retro Iron Man which is inspired by the animated series from the 90s. Much like the recently released War Machine on the retro card. This figure does look fantastic as he looks exactly how he did in the series including the mullet Tony Stark head. It’s sweet that he comes with the Pulse Cannon. This figure is a re-use of the brilliant Modular Iron-Man figure with yellow matte paint and he looks great. This is a pulse exclusive and I am very excited about it.

X-Men had a large showcase at the panel with some really cool retro card releases and some teasers for next year. I was very happy to see Longshot, Dark Phoenix, and Spiral on the retro cards. I haven’t got any of these and I know fans have been clamoring for a few years for a new Spiral figure. It was nice to see some more Brotherhood of Mutants members with Avalanche and Multiple Man. I remember Avalanche from the animated series from the ’90s. We are starting to get X-Men members in their training suits and we’re starting off with Wolverine he does look really good and I’m a big fan of the Paul Harding head sculpts. The next one in the line is Storm but she isn’t up for pre-order yet.

Spiral was the big standout for me and she looks incredible and will really stand out in my collection I cannot wait to get her. I am really impressed with Dark Phoenix too as I don’t have her or Jean Grey in my collection yet and it’s really nice that they are releasing Longshot on his own outside of that Mojo boxset which saves me getting the boxset is Mojo is now available on his own now too.

There were some teasers for later this year with the first appearance Star-Lord which is a Walmart exclusive in the States. Then next year they teased another Stryfe release as well as Banshee which looks amazing and will come with an alternate head both of which are sculpted by Harding. Then finally for next year, they teased that they are giving the X-Men VHS Collection a break after Cyclops and moving on to the Spider-Man VHS collection next year which I am very curious about.

By Samuel Demchy-Cooper

Samuel is from the UK. He is an avid film fan and critic and a very passionate action figure collector. Basically he's a bit of a nerd. He collects mostly NECA, Mcfarlane's The Walking Dead line, Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends and some Play Arts Kai. He would love to collect even more high end figures someday. He also does digital art, collect films on Blu-Ray, and is a voice artist.

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