Marvel Legends Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3 Figures revealed!

Just yesterday, Hasbro has shown off the entire wave of the GOTG Volume 3 figures as well as a deluxe figure. I am impressed with the array of figures, though there are a few omissions. The wave consists of:

  • Star-Lord
  • Nebula
  • Drax
  • Rocket
  • Mantis
  • Kraglin
  • Adam Warlock

As you can see all the Guardians are in their comic-accurate team outfits which they were in this film. It looks like most of the figures have new sculpts/sculpted pieces. I like the look of the uniforms on each of the figures. Most of the heads look brand-new for the team members of the Guardians or they have new paint on them and they look fantastic. The likeness to Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan & Pom Klementieff look excellent. I am not sure if the Drax head is new, but the stoic look suits him. The Rocket head looks like it’s a re-use from the GOTG Volume 2 figure which was an excellent figure.

The Kraglin and Adam Warlock figures are brand new and look very impressive. I know fans have been waiting several years for a Kraglin figure and he looks great with a spot-on likeness to Sean Gunn. The Adam Warlock figures look really good as well.

My big gripe is that the figures don’t come with all that many accessories, Star Lord only comes with his blasters with no baf piece or interchangeable helmeted head which is a real pity, though if you have a spare it might fit on this one. Mantis & Adam come with no extras for themselves, Rocket only comes with one gun, and Drax only comes with his knives. Nebula seems to be the only one to come with a decent amount of accessories.

The Build-A-Figure is Cosmo who will be in this film and first made their big appearance in the Guardians of The Galaxy Holiday Special. The figure itself looks fantastic but it’s on the small side and I can see why some fans are disappointed with it and think Cosmo should be packed with Rocket and the build-a-figure should have been a different character. What I am really surprised about is that High Evolutionary and Gamora aren’t in this wave at all.

The Deluxe figure is Groot from his appearance In the upcoming film where he’s in the pre-adult stage. He looks very well-detailed and bulkier than he has been previously. I really love his accessories as well with a baby Rocket Racoon and a pair of wings. This figure will cost $38 which is quite pricey. I do wonder if they’ll be a second wave as they do for some of the other MCU Films.

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