Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Engine of Vengence Haslab.

Last week Hasbro revealed their next Haslab Marvel Legends project which they have been hinting at for some time being Ghost Rider related now they have announced the project which is Robbie Reyes as the Spirit of Vengence with his muscle car. I have to say I was blown away when I saw it as it looks like a really excellent piece but I was a bit shocked at how much it costs which is $350 and I know right now I won’t be able to afford it.

The car itself looks magnificent and I love all the details like the skull gear stick and the light-up feature in the driver’s seat which is a really sweet feature. The light-up add on’s to the car look fantastic especially the tires with the burning rubber effect. The Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider figure looks fantastic as well and I love the head sculpt with the metal mask/skull look with the flames coming out the top and sides it looks incredible! I admit I don’t know much about Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider but I really like the mechanic-themed weapons, especially the version with the chain between that looks great.

They have revealed the early bird special which is Robbie Reyes in his normal form which looks and shares some parts with his Spirit of Vengence form. Which is unlocked if it reaches its minimal goal of 9,000 by the 23rd of September. They have also said that all the stretch goals will be figures as well and they have released their first stretch goal which is Mephisto which is one of Ghost Rider’s most iconic villains I have to say he looks excellent.

Even though I know that the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider is part of this Haslab project, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with releasing him in the main Marvel Legends line in a few years with a different paint variation as the backers would have their version and the one in the Marvel Legends would be a bit different. I would love to see Mephisto in the Marvel Legends line but I don’t think that will happen with how some religious groups would protest about an action figure that looks like the devil.

With the Retro Ghost rider line also starting now I hope we can get a Danny Ketch Ghost Rider figure sometime soon and could they bring back the Marvel Legends Riders line as I really do miss that line. The campaign ends on the 31st of October.

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