Marvel Legends Drax Review – Wave 2 (Arnim Zola)

Last week we have wrapped up the Marvel Legends Wave 1 and today we are going to take a look at the Marvel legends Drax Review – Wave 2 .

From the start I really wasn’t too excited get this figure but, I got the whole case though so I guess I am stuck with him. I have only ever seen this guy in the Guardians Of The Galaxy 3-Pack that is in 3 3/4″ size.

Let’s get this review started.


The packaging is the same as it was for wave 1. It has some nice art on the front and back. Also, on the back, there is a shot bio of Drax and it shows the other figures in the wave.

For this wave, my cards weren’t as damaged as they were when I got wave 1. I must have just got really unlucky with that wave.

Out of The Box

Out of the package my first impression was “wow, he isn’t so bad.” After a closer look though I found a lot of things that I don’t like about him but more on that later.

He comes packaged with 2 knives and the Arnim Zola left leg. He also comes with the tales of Arnim Zola #4 of 6. Drax has a belt that is removable and you can also put the knives in there. Very cool.


As for articulation goes Drax has ball joints at the neck shoulders, and hips. He swivels at the biceps, forearms, waist, and thighs. He has double joints at the elbows and knees with hinges at the ankles. Drax also has the crunch torso with pretty good range of motion.

All the joints are tight and have a nice range of motion. His head can move all over the place which is nice. I would say articulation is pretty good.


Paint, wow, it was a complete fail by Hasbro. He has that brown colored paint wash over the green in some spots but other areas weren’t even touched. His forearms are a completely different green than the rest of his body. His shoulders have the tattoos on them but it looks like crap with the green from the joint.

His face is pretty amazing though. Drax has a look that makes him look like he means serious business. The eyes are painted silver and really look awesome.


From what I have read about Drax is that he is supposed to be a little bit bulkier. He is called “Drax the Destroyer”.

He has a knife that is sculpted on his right arm that you can’t remove. I personally don’t think it looks very good. Might be cooler if you were able to remove it. His pants are sculpted nicely around his boots and don’t really interfere with the range of movement.

Like I said before I really like the head sculpt that adds to his bad ass look. His knives are made of really flimsy plastic and bend really easily. If you are a fan of bendable weapons these knives are for you.

As far as his size goes he stands about 6.5″ tall and is just a little bit bigger than Constrictor.

Ordering Options

UPDATE: eBay is your best bet for finding this figure.

Click this link to: search eBay for the Marvel Legends Drax action figure.

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