Marvel Legends Drax the Destroyer Review from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Wave

For my money, Guardians of the Galaxy is the best Marvel movie that has come out thus far. They’ve done an all-around great job, with even the worst movie (Iron Man 3 if you’re interested in what I think) still being decent. What makes Guardians so great is how funny it is and how it got such amazing performances out of all of the principal cast. Since Guardians, Chris Pratt has gone on to secure a leading role in Jurassic World and is rumored to be the next Indiana Jones. And Pratt didn’t turn in the best performance in the movie. Those honors belong to Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer.

If you’ve watched him as Batista in WWE, you understand how spectacular he was Guardians. He went from a prototypical wrestling character (you punched me and now I’m going to punch you because I’m mad) to a complex and unwittingly hilarious character. I talked about how amazing his performance was, my brother got me a Marvel Legends Drax the Destroyer for Christmas, and it’s a great figure.


Drax comes in standard Marvel Legends window box packaging, which means you can display him in it or open him and put him back in pretty easily. He’s got the Build-a-Figure Groot torso, so I’d suggest at least taking that out if you’re going to display him in the box.

In terms of accessories, he comes with two knives and the aforementioned Groot torso. The knives are all I can remember him using in the movie, so I’m happy with that.

They fit well in his hands and into the sheaths on his boots. It’s a stellar improvement from the Marvel Universe/Infinite Drax, whose knives can fit into the sheaths but look ridiculous in them.


Just don’t sit down and you’ll be fine.


I am opposed to Build-A-Figures. I loved Groot, and I want a Groot. What I don’t want is to have to buy six other figures, which I have less interest in (I’m looking at you 15th Iron Man released this week), but the only other option is to have one out of scale. I’m going with a heftier wallet and this Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy three-pack Groot instead.

Like most Marvel Legends figures, Drax is very well articulated. He’s got:
-swivel/hinge head
-swivel/hinge shoulders
-swivel upper arms
-hinge elbows
-swivel hands
-hinge chest/abdomen
-ball joint hips
-swivel thighs
-hinge knees
-hinge feet

The sculpt is also very good. He looks exactly like Bautista in the face. My only reservation is that his is a little bit too small in proportion with the rest of his body. When I pointed it out to my brother, he said that a lot of bodybuilders had smaller heads because they’ve increased the size of the rest of their body, but there are no exercises to make heads bigger. I’m not convinced, but here’s a shot of the figure’s head and shoulders for you to judge.

Hasbro delivers again with the paint. His tattoos look perfect, the green is the right shade to match Drax from the movie, and there aren’t any missed strokes.

Nothing goes over my head!… My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.

Overall, this is a great figure. He looks good and moves even better. I find myself tinkering with him while I’m on the phone at work pretty often. I’d highly recommend picking one up, or if you’re as lucky as I am, getting one from your brother.


You can pick Drax up over at Amazon or for $20.00 at Hoarders Hideout.

UPDATE: Drax is sold out at many retailers.  You can still pick him up at the Amazon link above, or you can head on over to eBay and search for this Marvel Legends movie version action figure of Drax.

What do you think? Is there anything else you’d like to know about the figure? Let me know in the comments!

By Ryan Bradley

I've been collecting action figures for as long as I can remember. In 2009, I shifted my focus from general collecting to 3 and 3/4 inch to try and get all of my figures to one scale. I'm a freelance writer who started working at Action Figure Fury in 2014.

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