Marvel Legends Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Scarlet Witch Target Exclusive.

Just yesterday Hasbro dropped a surprise figure announcement for their Marvel Legends line with the reveal of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness Scarlet Witch. I have to say I’ve really been looking forward to a MOM Scarlet Witch figure in the Marvel Legends line for some time, especially as the Disney Plus wave one goes for astronomical prices on the secondary market if you missed it.

I’m honestly surprised they didn’t release her shortly after the film came out in cinemas or home video, considering she’s the film’s villain. I’m a massive fan of MOM and I really love that film the trademarks of Sam Raimi are all over it so I’m always happy to get more figures from the film. This figure looks somewhat different from the Disney+ wave with new arms and hair sculpts. What I have noticed with the figure is that the fingers on her hands have reddish-brown ends painted on them to show the influence of the Darkhold.

The likeness to Elizabeth Olsen is pretty spot-on and looks exactly how she did in the film. Accessory wise she comes with two effects pieces which we have seen before with different figures and a brand new accessory with the Darkhold which does look fantastic and I’ll definitely be displaying her holding it. It also has a hinge on it so you can display it open or closed.

This figure is a Target exclusive and is expected to be released in the fall of this year. I’ll definitely be getting this figure when it’s released later this year and hopefully, we’ll get an undead Doctor Strange as well as I would really like a figure of that variant!

By Samuel Demchy-Cooper

Samuel is from the UK. He is an avid film fan and critic and a very passionate action figure collector. Basically he's a bit of a nerd. He collects mostly NECA, Mcfarlane's The Walking Dead line, Hasbro: Star Wars Black Series, Marvel Legends and some Play Arts Kai. He would love to collect even more high end figures someday. He also does digital art, collect films on Blu-Ray, and is a voice artist.

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