Full Line of Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Action Figures Revealed

BAF Dormammu Marvel Legends Doctor Strange action figures wave

Things are set to get a little Strange this November, with the arrival of Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme. And in preparation for the movie, Hasbro has revealed their full line-up of Marvel Legends Doctor Strange action figures.

As with other Hasbro / Marvel releases, this is a “build-a-figure” line. If you collect all the figures in the series, you’ll be able to build Dormammu, one of Strange’s perennial foes.

Details on the Dormammu BAF Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Action Figures

The figures in this series will be Iron First, the Enchantress, Brother Voodoo, Nico, Baron Mordo (based on his appearance in the Doctor Strange movie), and three versions of Doctor Strange. You’ll be getting Strange as he appears in the upcoming movie (of course), as well as an all-white astral version of Strange, and Strange in some fancy new duds.

As with other figures in the line, they will all be roughly 6 inches (15.2 cm) tall, and feature full articulation. Each of the figures will also come with accessories and a piece of Dormammu.

Iron Fist will be getting interchangeable hands and energy effects, and Dormammu’s chest/shoulder armor; Nico will get a staff, interchangeable arm, and Dormammu’s torso; the Enchantress will be getting spell effects and Dormammu’s chest / upper body; Brother Voodoo will come with a staff and one of Dormammu’s arm; Baron Mordo will come with a staff, a pair of flaming skulls, and one of Dormammu’s legs; astral Strange will come with Dormammu’s head; movie Strange will come with interchangeable hands, a spell effect, and one of Dormammu’s legs; and new-duds Strange will come with spell effects and one of Dormammu’s arms.

Ordering the Dormammu BAF Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Action Figures

The Dormammu BAF Marvel Legends Doctor Strange action figures haven’t gone up for order yet.

According to Hasbro, they’ll go up for pre-order in early September, and will have an October release / shipping date, in advance of the movie. Be sure to check back, as we’ll be putting up pre-order info as it becomes available.

In the meantime, if you missed any of the other recent BAF Legends figure waves, you can pop over to Entertainment Earth and snag the Civil War Wave 2 BAF set (with a giant Ant-Man build), the Civil War Wave 3 BAF set (with an Abomination build), and the X-Men Legends wave 1 (with a Juggernaut figure build).

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