Marvel Legends Disney Plus Hydra Stomper Wave

This wave has been hinted at for some time and last month Hasbro revealed two figures from Secret Invasion with Nick Fury & Talos. The rest of the wave consists of Yelana & Kingpin from Hawkeye, Gamora & Goliath from What If? and Agatha Harkness from Wandavision.

These figures look fantastic, though I have had to hold off on getting some of these as they are released in a few short weeks in September and a lot has been coming out in the last few weeks. I know fans have wanted some of these figures for some time, especially Agatha, Kingpin, and Gamora. I’m surprised some of these figures don’t come with all that many accessories, especially in Agatha’s case. The sculpts look fantastic on all the figures and the likenesses are spot on as well.

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