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Marvel Legends Deadpool Strong Guy BAF Wave Images revealed!

Hasbro reveals more images of their upcoming Marvel Legends Deadpool Strong Guy BAF wave.

Just the other night Hasbro revealed the official lineup for the Strong Guy Deadpool wave. A lot of these figures had already been revealed at Toy Fair a couple of months ago. In this wave you can see this wave consists of:

  • Warpath
  • Maverick
  • Black Tom Cassidy
  • Shicklah
  • Sunspot
  • Deadpool
  • Deadpool (Pirate)

I think the highlights of this wave for me have to be the Pirate Deadpool figure and the Shicklah figure. I really like the unique sculpt to Pirate Pool but I’m a bit disappointed that he has sculpted flintlock pistols instead of multiple ones he can hold. I admit am really tempted to get the blue Deadpool as I don’t have that one in my collection and I have quite a number of Deadpool figures in my collection.

This wave is a must-have if your a Strong Guy fan and all these figures are essential if you want to build the X-Factor team. I should let you all know that this wave is up for pre-order from all good e-retailers.

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