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Marvel Legends Black Widow Wave Revealed!

A standout wave for the Black Widow film!

Earlier this week Hasbro revealed the lineup for the Black Widow wave that’ll be released in the spring of next year. For those who don’t know the Black Widow wave is based on the upcoming film so the wave will be a mix of MCU and comic book figures.

The comic book figures in this wave are the Spymaster, Crossbones and Winter Soldier that were revealed earlier this year. What is a bit of a surprise for me is that the guns in Crossbones holsters are removable, I thought they would be molded in but I’m very happy that they aren’t! Of course, I’m a big fan of the Winter Soldier figure as It looks awesome!

The other figures in the wave are Black Widow, Yelena Belova, Taskmaster, and Red Guardian. Like with all MCU figure previews these figures don’t look as good as they do in hand. These figures do use the face printing tech, even though it doesn’t look that clear in these pictures. I can say I think the likeness to David Harbour as the Red Guardian is fantastic. The only omission that I can find in these accessories is a helmeted head for the Red Guardian but I’m guessing we’ll see that down the line.

The standout figure of the MCU figures is the Taskmaster figure. I love the comic book inspirations are very clear in this figure and I love the number of accessories he comes with. I may have to get two of them to display with all the accessories.

The BAF in this wave is Crimson Dynamo which is a comic book figure. I have to say even though I don’t know who Crimson Dynamo is I have to say the figure looks absolutely fantastic. I love the 80’s cold war look to the figure and the detailing is absolutely fantastic. I’ll definitely be collecting all of the figures from this wave.

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