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Marvel Legends Avengers Endgame Walmart Exclusive Captain America Figure


Hasbro revealed on their Hasbro Pulse Instagram account that they’ll be releasing an Avengers Endgame Captain America figure which will be a Walmart Exclusive.

As you can see Cap is wearing his Avengers Endgame outfit which looks fantastic and I really love the chain mail look to it. I loved the film and this scene what this figure represents blew my mind.

I knew that figure would happen but I’m a little disappointed in that it’s a bit inaccurate. As during this scene Cap’s shield is damaged with parts broken off.

Other than that it’s a fantastic looking figure as Cap comes with an interchangeable unmasked head with a great likeness to Chris Evans. He also comes with Mjolnir which he used in the final battle which is a must-have accessory. He also comes with his iconic shield with a battle damaged paint deco on it.

This figure will be released in the summer of this year and will be only available at Walmart and hopefully fans can find it on store shelves soon.

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