Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Mark 1 Iron Man is available to pre-order now.

Earlier this Month Hasbro had a live stream showcasing some figures for the Avengers 60th anniversary and now one of those figures is available to pre-order. It’s the Mark 1 Iron Man which I think is Hasbro’s first, at least in the modern line version of the Mark 1 suit. Which does look accurate and impressive.

It just looks as bulky as the first suit did. I love all the small bits of damage into the suit with the scratch marks all over his suit. Seeing all the rivets where it would be bolted and welded together look amazing as well and a great touch. The metallic sheen to the figure makes the figure pop without being too shiny as well.

Despite the figure being on the bulky side the articulation works perfectly and he looks very mobile. The figure comes with some accessories as well including an interchangeable pair of hands and some effect pieces for flying poses. The only accessory that I feel they could have added is an interchangeable unmasked Tony Stark head or a removable face plate so you could see Tony Stark beneath like the old Toy Biz figures used to do.

This figure is scheduled to be released this summer and is available to pre-order from all fan channel websites.

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