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Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary & Two-Packs Packaging Shots

Marvel celebrates it’s 80th anniversary in style!

At Toy fair earlier this year Hasbro revealed a slew of two packs and a line of figures celebrating Marvel’s 80th Anniversary.

First up the Grandmaster and Korg two pack. I was really surprised when I saw these two figures and a number of other figures from Thor Ragnarok including a new version of Hela and Skurge.

Next up is the first appearance Wolverine and The Incredible Hulk. This is a fantastic looking two pack. It’s been years since we’ve seen a first appearance Wolverine in years and the Incredible Hulk looks absolutely fantastic.

For both of these two packs, it’s unclear when they’ll be released.

Next, up is the Alex Ross inspired 80th Anniversary figures. The three figures are Captain America, Iron Man and Thor and they all look excellent. I love the classic look to the characters and the sculpts really convey that. These three are definitely must haves for me. Again no release date has been officially announced yet.

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