Marvel Infinite Ares Review Wave 3, Series 1

Ares, while debuting in Thor (vol. 1) #129, has only been a major part of the Marvel Universe in the last decade or so. He is the Greek God of war, rival of his half-brother and long-time Avenger Hercules. Ares has spent time as a hero alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and as a villain and one of Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers.

I was surprised to see him, Deathlok, and Valkyrie debuting in the same wave. In the past, Hasbro has a tendency to sandwich obscure characters with bigger name. Also in this wave were Ant-Man, Cyclops, and Omega Red.



Ares comes in the new Marvel Infinite packaging. I talk more in-depth about the new packaging in my Deathlok Review. I like the blister card and think it looks cooler than the Marvel Universe packaging.

On the back, the figure is posed in a way that it’s actually possible to put Ares in without glue or stands, which is awesome. They cheat for those photos way too often. The little bio doesn’t do the character justice, completely glossing over his checkered past. Being a sometimes hero and sometimes villain is what makes him compelling and separates him from other gods on the Avengers like Thor and Hercules.

Out of the Box

This figures kicks ass. It’s practically impossible to put him in a pose where he doesn’t look like he’s about to knock someone out, and I tried. He looms whether you want him too or not.

The accessories are a generic sword and battle-axe (not shaped like the one he’s got in the comics). The sword fits perfectly into his hand, although the axe handle is a little big.



The head is on a ball and swivel joint, which makes no sense because his helmet’s tail blocks it from going backwards and his the front of his helmet is practically touching his shoulders so it can’t go forward. Other than that, the figure moves and balances well.

He’s got:
-swivel/hinge shoulders
-hinge elbows
-swivel/hinge hands
-ball joint torso
-ball joint hips
-swivel thighs
-double hinge knees
-ball feet


There’s a skull and crossbones, but with swords instead of cross-bones on his chest. Everything else is the correct color with no overrun. The only thing I question is the eyes. They alternate between pure white (like the figure) and regular brown eyes in the comics and I’d have preferred to have the pupils. It feels like Hasbro is taking the path of least resistance here.


Ares is sculpted like a Greek god. And that’s what makes him such an intimidating figure. The way he gets bigger as you look upward implies violence. The helmet, belts, and boots are all elevated and look awesome.

He’s also slightly taller than the other figures in the line.

I’d highly recommend this figure. The Hasbro 3 and ¾ inch Marvel figures are varied quality, but Ares is one of the best yet. He is absolutely worth the $10. Just don’t store him in the same box as your Sentry figure.


You can pick up an Ares figure on Amazon, or preorder at Big Bad Toy Store for $13.99. You may be able to get a better price on the eBay links below!

UPDATE: This figure is sold out at many retailers. You can still pick him up at Amazon at the link above, or you can head over and search around on eBay for the Marvel Infinite Ares action figure.

Feel free to leave comments and ask questions! If you’ve got the figure too, let me know what you think!

By Ryan Bradley

I've been collecting action figures for as long as I can remember. In 2009, I shifted my focus from general collecting to 3 and 3/4 inch to try and get all of my figures to one scale. I'm a freelance writer who started working at Action Figure Fury in 2014.

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