March Marvel Legends Livestream Reveals!

On the 1st of March Hasbro held their big Marvel Legends live stream and revealed plenty of new figures including showing off their recent MCU reveals in hand along with another Spider-Man wave, Spider-Man The Animated Series figures/update as well as an array of figures to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Avengers!

Here’s a list of the reveals:

Spider-Man Wave

  • Ben Reilley Spider-Man Black and Red Super Articulated
  • Chasm
  • Miles Morales Spider-Man
  • Rose
  • Jessica Drew’s Modern Spider-Woman
  • Elektra Daredevil
  • Tarantula

Spider-Man Animated Series

  • Carnage 2-pack recap update – VHS Cassette box Claws and extra heads, hands
  • Classic Doc Ock – Aunt May Comic Photo Real 2-pack – VHS Cassette box Hasbro Pulse Exclusive

60th Anniversary of the Avengers

  • Avengers Beyond Earth’s Mightiest – Comic Versions
  • Iron Man Mark 1
  • Bruce Banner scientist Comic photo real with Hulk comic photo real
  • Thor Bearded with Destroyer spike armor
  • Hawk Eye with Sky Cycle Pinless with soft goods
  • Secret Wars 2-pack Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel – Classic Dr. Doom
  • Cerise – Black Night Comic Book photo real
  • Black Widow Super Articulated (1st female body version)
  • Bucky Captain America Alex Ross inspired
  • Skrull Quees – Super Skrull Secret Invasion
  • Super Adaptoid larger Skrull Body

A teaser video for the next Marvel HasLab confirming Avengers Beyond Earth’s Mightiest will be the theme.

This live stream was to make up for Toy Fair, which usually occurs in late February. I have to say they revealed a significant number of figures. It was nice to see the MCU figures they have shown promo images of. And some of the figures look great in hand, especially the Kang figures.

The Spider-Man-themed wave looks excellent and I am really impressed with that super-articulated Ben Reilley Spider-Man figure with the articulated toes and the butterfly joints in the shoulders. I really like the Elektra Daredevil figure and saw her quite soon after she made her debut in the comics. I vaguely recognize Rose and Chasm from the comics. The updated versions of Spider-Woman & Miles Morales Spider-Man look great though I am unfamiliar with them. I’m curious to see what the BAF will be for this wave.

They had a few updates on the Spider-Man The Animated Series figures with a look at the Symbiote Spider-Man & Carnage two-pack. The new two-pack is an Aunt May & Doc Ock two-pack and I think the Aunt May figure looks quite a bit younger than she did in the series I really like the Doc Ock has articulated tentacles which I know fans have been waiting for a long time for a Doc Ock figure. I should note that this two-pack is a Hasbro Pulse exclusive.

The Avengers reveals were very exciting with some two-packs and some releases which I am not sure will be deluxe figures or in a wave. I am not sure if all the figures that they showed would be all that they would be doing for the Avenger’s 60th Anniversary or if there will be more! The Thor & Destroyer two-pack look great and I would love to have a more classic-looking Thor on my shelf. I don’t think Hasbro has ever done a Mark 1 Iron Man in the Marvel Legends line and he does look terrific. The Bruce Banner & Grey Hulk is something that has been asked for, for a while and it does look fantastic.

I am most impressed with The Hawkeye & Sky Cycle set that looks really cool and I am stoked to see that are using soft goods on Hawkeye which we don’t see all that often in Marvel Legends figures. Black Widow looks fantastic on the new body and I am very keen to see what other accessories she’ll come with and what other characters they plan to put on this body.

I know that we’ll be getting a number of sweet-looking two-packs that look incredible I really like the Thor & Destroyer two-pack looks amazing and I love the look of Cerise & Black Knight. The Bruce Banner/Gray Hulk two-pack looks fantastic and is a must-have for Hulk Fans and I know fans have been waiting for this for a few years.

The Super Aptoid looks good but it’s clearly using the 12″ Marvel Legends Captain America that Hasbro released a number of years ago. Lastly, Hasbro teased the next Haslab project which is rumored to be Avenger related.

Most of these figures aren’t available to pre-order yet, but I expect they will be released sometime this summer. Hopefully, we’ll get some pre-order information on these soon as well.

Images courtesy from Toyark

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