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Mando Monday 2: Star Wars The Vintage Collection Beskar Armor Mandalorian

This is The Way

Today is week 2 of Mando Monday and today Hasbro revealed the Star Wars Vintage Collection Beskar Armor Mandalorian figure. This figure is near nigh exactly the same as the one you get in the build-up pack which was revealed last Monday and is exclusive to Walmart in the United States.

This figure will be released in the regular Vintage Collection line Wave 30 which we also known contains Moff Gideon and The Armorer which were revealed last monday, though we don’t know who the final two figures in the wave will be.

This figure is scheduled to be released in December of this year and I don’t doubt we’ll see the other figures in the wave revealed before then and I reckon this will be a Mando themed wave.

Already this figure is sold out on some e-retailer sites here in the UK but I am not annoyed as I have the one with the Child on pre-order and that’ll be released about the same time as this one.

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