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Mando Mania Week 4 Reveals

Earlier this week Hasbro revealed some new products to coincide with the fifth episode of The Mandalorian. There was a reveal for The Vintage Collection and another for the Black Series. For The Vintage Collection, the reveal was a Tusken Raider four-pack, and for the Black Series a Pyke Soldier which both featured very heavily in the Book of Boba Fett Series.

There are many army builders in the Vintage Collection and the Tusken Raiders look fantastic. I am really impressed with the Black Series Pyke Soldier as this is the first Pyke figure we’ve seen in either line after making numerous appearances in The Clone Wars, Solo & The Book of Boba Fett. The figure does look fantastic and I’m curious to know if the face plate is removable as it’s not listed in the product description and it would be great if it was.

I should note that the Tusken Raider four-pack is a Hasbro Pulse exclusive and the Pyke Soldier is a fan channel exclusive. Both of these releases are scheduled to be released next year, but most likely will be released earlier than that.

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