11 Comments on Man Of Steel Movie Masters General Zod In Kryptonian Armor Figure Review

  1. Flutterlicious

    Mehh… I don’t think anyone really reads the “Adult Collector” label. Last night when I decided to stop at Walmart to check out if they had any new MLP Merchandise, I saw a little boy running around the aisle grabbing the superman and putting it in his mother’s shopping cart then begging for it. I saw the same thing with the Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters…

    • ActionFigFury

      I think that the “Adult Collector” label is more just there to tell the consumer that the figures are more collector friendly. Meaning that they have better articulation and paint, which many collectors are looking for.

  2. y.f.n.jman

    that’s a cool fig. been looking out for him, but haven’t seen him. actually if i see the movie masters at all, it’s generally just Supes.

    like the pics, too!

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