Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker Legacy and Pop! Figures Announced by Funko

The 2014 New York International Toy Fair is getting into full swing today and various companies are starting to make their big reveals. A couple of weeks ago Brian Mariotti hinted that the next license to get Legacy figures would be gaming related and he wasn’t lying. Funko was able to set in place a new licensing agreement that allows them to make Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker Legacy and Pop! figures.

“We are deeply honored and very excited that Wizards of the Coast chose Funko as a partner to develop truly cool collectibles for Magic: The Gathering. I know the fans of Magic have been waiting nearly 20 years to get their hands on some fantastic Action Figures and stylized Vinyl figures. I promise that we won’t disappoint them!”

– Brian Mariotti, CEO of Funko

The first series of Magic the Gathering Pop! vinyl figures is going to release this April, and will feature the iconic Magic: The Gathering Planeswalkers Jace Beleren, Garruk Wildspeaker, Chandra Nalaar, Liliana Vess, Ajani Goldmane and Nissa Revane. Funko Pop! vinyl figures are 3.75″ stylized vinyl figures with over 10 million sold since 2010. It is the largest collectable stylized vinyl line in the world.

Aside from the Pop! vinyl figures, Funko is proud to announce that they have teamed up with Gentle Giant to create their new Legacy Collection line of deluxe action figures featuring 20+ points of articulation and removable accessories. Set to release nationwide this August, the Magic: The Gathering Planeswalker action figures will be among some of the first Legacy Collection figures released, with the Game of Thrones Legacy figures currently in stores now. Fans can expect the same characters from the Pop! line to get the Legacy treatment.

Funko products are available nationwide at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Toys R Us, Hot Topic, Target, Walmart, 7-Eleven and specialty toy retailers online.


By Nick Lenihan

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