MAFEX Star Wars 6 Inch Figures on the Horizon from Medicom

This past weekend was Wonder Fest 2014 in Tokyo, Japan and Medicom was there to show off many of their new action figures. One of the sections of their booth was dedicated to the new MAFEX line that Medicom started about a year ago. Included in that display was their upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 MAFEX action figure along with a placard mentioning future 6 inch releases of The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and MAFEX Star Wars.

Although no actual MAFEX Star Wars product was shown, I’m sure that a lot of collectors are going to be interested in the concept. Last year Hasbro took the Star Wars license and created 6 inch Black Series figures, which have been a huge hit with collectors. It’s really interesting to see a new manufacturer with plans to release figures in the same scale as what’s already on the market.

The MAFEX Spider-Man figure that is coming later this year is only going to be the third release in this newly created line. Medicom has previously released a Spider-Man figure from The Amazing Spider-Man and Batman from The Dark Knight Rises.

Image via Tag Hobby

By Nick Lenihan

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