MAFEX Reveals Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett

Medicom is continuing to release their MAFEX Star Wars figures. The latest is one is Boba Fett from Empire Strikes Back. This release follows a number of other MAFEX figures, including several Star Wars characters, that have been released over the years.

As you can see they captured all the detail of his costume perfectly. This figure looks incredibly realistic, especially for its size. The only complaint I have about the figure is the shade of green his armor has looks a lot darker than it did in Empire Strikes Back.

Like all MAFEX figures, Boba will be fully articulated and will come with an assortment of accessories including interchangeable hands, rifle, pistol, holster and a display stand. He’s also fully articulated and is in the 6-inch scale and even has a articulated range finder, which is awesome.

Unfortunately the figure won’t be released until next July and will cost around $50. So if you’re a Boba Fett fan, this figure is simply a must have for your collection. Pre-orders are currently available here. 

Miracle Action Figure EX Boba Fett Gallery


By Nick Lenihan

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